Friday, October 1, 2010

Long Time No See

Hey Guys,
So I apologize for not have updating this in a while. I plan on maybe putting my updated foundation routine on here and put a blog post to go with my review videos, tutorials, etc. Tell me how you think I should use this below. Thanks!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Guess What?! It's Time For A Blog Sale!

Hey Lovlies!
So I decided to have a blogsale since EVERYBODY wanted one. So basically I'm selling some makeup, perfumes, and a coach purse! Yes, your read that right an AUTHENTIC DISCOUNTED COACH PURSE. (: So first of all prices are not final and you can bargain with me a little, I basically just want to get rid of the stuff while earning a little bit of cash for myself. Items are priced all the way from $0.50-$80. So start shopping! The payment method will be paypal(the safest method of payment). Everything is new or slightly used and will be sanitized before shipment. Shipping is for USA and Canada residents only(sorry!) and will be $4 and will be $.50 for each additional item. Comment below if you would like to purchase something with your paypal email address and I will send you an invoice. If I do not receive the payment within 24 hours I will sell it to the next person. Your items will be shipped ASAP after I receive your payment.  Shipping will probably take 1-2 weeks depending on where you live. You must agree to never give out my personal info after receiving your purchase as I have had that happen before. Thanks, and enjoy shopping! (:

OK, so this first item is from bareminerals. It is an all-over face color in "clear radiance" its a shimmery pink color that you can use for blush or add all over subtle shimmer to the face. This is brand new and has never been used. I have a beauty powder similiar to this from MAC, so I dont need this. The price is $15 and its regularly $28 when you purchase at sephora or ulta. You save $13.

The next item is from Bobbi Brown. I think I have used this 3 or 4 times but I never really find myself using it anymore. Its a beautiful rose color with slight shimmer. It has a value of $25 and I am selling it for $12. you save $17.

The next item is from YSL and it is a bronzer in the color 2. I have way too many bronzers so I'm selling the ones that I rarely use. I've used this one once. I like it, but I like cream bronzers a bit better. So this one is going to be sold for $20 when I paid $50 for it. What an AMAZING deal. (:

This next bronzer is from Cargo. Used twice and again I've fallen in love with cream bronzers and never looked back. But if your a powder bronzer girl I definitely suggest this! Im selling it for $12, while it has a value of $30. You save $18. (:

Ok, so im sure by the picture you can tell what the next thing is. Absolutely Alice! (: This is very hard to find and its been used once. I just think its a bit too glittery. So I'm sure this will sell for the average price of $8. I paid $8.50 for it. So I bet this will go fast since it is so difficult to find. (:

So next is my Tarte EmphasEyes in Bronze. Its a gorgeous color but I never find myself using it. I've used it once or twice and it is amazingly pigmented and works as a great eyeliner/cream shadow. So I'm selling this for $8 while I paid $24 for it. So another good deal. (: You save $16.

Ok so here are both of the urban decay face primers. I think they're pretty good, they sell for $30 each. But i'm hooked on my spackle primer. So it's rare I use these. So I'm selling them for $10 each or $15 for both. Your saving a heck of a lot of money girls. (:

Ok so the next product is this sheer berry colored lipstick from AVON. I think it's pretty and all but I've never used it and I think it's a bit too dark. So I'm selling this for $.50 cause I dont think it's gonna sell. But who knows?

Ok so the next product is a lancome blush and eyeshadow quad. the colors are extremely pigmented. For some reason I decided I needed two of them and I dont plan on finishing my first one up anytime soon. So I decided I'd sell this one. I paid $50 for it and I am selling it for $25. Its never been used.

Ok so this next palette I'm selling might be a shocker. Its the BH 88 Matte Palette. I've used it a couple of times. I fell in love with my shimmer palette. But if your a matte girl then this palette is definitely for you. Your getting an AMAZING deal of 88 eyeshadows for $12. Value of $24. I apologize for the picture being upside down. haha

I'm selling all my perfumes at $30 each which is an amazing deal on all of them! They are slightly used as you can tell from the picture. The perfumes I am selling are Versace Woman, YSL,  hypnose HOMME, and Tresor Lancome.

Ok so the last thing is the coach purse! I love this purse to death it was my first one! I paid $125 for it at the outlet two years ago. I'm selling it for a very reasonable price: $80. It looks good as new you can judge by the pictures below. It's 100% authentic. The reason I am selling it is because its become a bit too small for me.

So yep, thats my blog sale! Comment down below if you would like something WITH your paypal email and I will send you an invoice. If you have a question about a product message me on youtube. (:
Enjoy your shopping and have a great day! (:

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hey Everyone!

Hey everyone!
So I'm new to this blogging thing. I think I might have a blogsale soon. What do you think? Just with some makeup, and maybe a camera? Tell me what y'all think. (: